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Case Studies Chris Dunk May 4, 2022
Efficiency Over Internal Design Teams

The Client Challenge: A major global airline had to make an immediate change to their fleet of passenger safety cards. The client’s internal graphic design team did not have the bandwidth to manage the project within the necessary timeframe: 18 unique safety card versions, all changed within 30 days. 

The Interaction Group Solution: Our Design Department created custom cards for all 18 unique versions and provided a digital proof for all versions within 48 hours. The cards were approved by the governing entity within seven days and we began print production immediately. Cards were organized and drop-shipped to each of their facility locations and placed onboard the aircraft three day earlier than the required deadline.  

Success/Savings: The airline discovered by having us do the layout and design versus their internal design team, there was a significant savings in cost and time. The ease of getting proofs so quickly, and the product drop shipping to all of their locations saved the airline not just in costs, it saved them from a hiccup with their governing entity. We now celebrate more than 25 years of partnership with this carrier.

Project Turn-Arounds at the Speed of Business

The Client Challenge: A privately owned carrier reached out needing safety cards before a flight that was leaving in two days.  

The Interaction Group Solution: Based on our history and experience in aviation, we created a list of brief questions which resulted in a safety card mock-up within two hours. The card was approved, printed and shipped all within the same day.

Success/Savings: The flight took off without delay. The client was thrilled with both the experience and savings in time and dollars.

Results-Oriented Consultation

The Client Challenge: A start-up airline with a new team found themselves overwhelmed by the complexity of their safety card needs. There were multiple different aircraft, with different configurations and from varied areas of final assembly. The first aircraft was due to have proving runs in 30 days.

The Interaction Group Solution: We signed an NDA and then walked them through the approvals process for the mock-ups that were sent 48 hours after the request.

Success/Savings: Our experience offered them not just a solution to their problem, but training on the process and project management of passenger safety cards.

I was offered patience and understanding by your company. Since then, we have merged five airlines into one. The Interaction Group assisted us in not only developing the cards for approval, but by coming up with a very workable system of defining the cards so that the right card would get on the right airplane. The Interaction Group has kept us abreast of new techniques so our safety cards would provide our customers with the very latest information to enhance their safety. The fact that you test each panel for understandability says much for The Interaction Group's dedication to professionalism.
Gordon Petri Cabin Safety and Flight Operations Research, Air Canada

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