Celebrating making the impossible possible on National Aviation Day Chris Dunk August 19, 2022

Celebrating making the impossible possible on National Aviation Day

In 1939, Franklin D. Roosevelt issued a presidential proclamation designating August 19–Orville Wright’s birthday–to be National Aviation Day.

That got me thinking, what is it that is so compelling about aviation? As someone who has worked in this industry for over 27 years I can tell you that inevitably, when you talk with those of us in it about our career journeys, you will hear some form of the same sentence, “Well, once I got into aviation I fell in love with it and have been here ever since.”

All over the world there are groups of enthusiasts who collect everything from safety cards (had to give them a shout out) to old airplane seats. There are ones who memorize flight logs and those who sit near airport fences just to watch planes take off and land. There are chat rooms and blogs, social media groups and conventions, websites and employee reunions all focused around the shared passion that started with one invention. Some would argue the greatest invention of the twentieth century is the airplane. I believe our passions are rooted out of inspiration. So what is it about flying that inspires us?

  1. It tells us the impossible is possible! The Wright brothers were dreamers and somehow when they looked at a bicycle they saw an airplane.
  2. It brings out the adventurer in all of us! Discovering new things, different cultures and being free from familiarity brings out the best of our creativity.
  3. It connects us to other people! Our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health are all improved by connecting with others.

So today, National Aviation Day, I encourage all of us to honor the day by evaluating how we are doing. Have we told ourselves our dreams are impossible? Have we let go of adventuring? Are there people we should connect with? If the answer is yes to any of these, let’s give ourselves what we need. Put action steps to your vision, try something new, pause a moment to look for someone who needs encouragement or connection. And then tomorrow, book a ticket to somewhere amazing!

“All of us at The Interaction Group consider it an honor and privilege to be a part of this amazing aviation community.  We are grateful to have over 50 years of history, impact, and innovation in the industry.  We are even more proud to stand in partnership with the people and carriers we’ve worked with.”

Trisha Ferguson, President

Trisha Ferguson is the owner of The Interaction Group, the Critical Information DesignTM company who invented the passenger safety briefing card and video briefings in the 1960s. The Interaction Group partners with airline carriers worldwide and is the leader in passenger safety information and crew safety materials.