Public Safety

Public Safety Chris Dunk May 11, 2022
Critical Information Design in Public Safety

Protecting those who protect and serve

Whether working directly with the public, live munitions, highly regulated or illegal substances, dangerous situations, or sensitive information, the roles and responsibilities of our military, law enforcement, first responders, and security forces are varied, critical, and require split-second decision-making.


When safety can be a matter of life and death

In 1971, The Interaction Group took learnings from behavioral science to create better outcomes in emergency situations through simple instruction. Thus was born the flight safety information card, and the discipline of instructional design. This is our legacy and our area of expertise. 

We apply these principles to provide clear, easy-to-comprehend safety guidance for a variety of situations, appropriate for cadets to senior leaders, and civilian contractors, regardless of language or literacy level. 

Our experience with regulatory organizations informs how we work with government agencies, first responders, and security forces. 

We conduct comprehension testing to ensure that the most critical of information is understandable and actionable.

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