It’s In the Name! Chris Dunk July 29, 2022

It’s In the Name!

For over 50 years, you’ve know us as Interaction Research Corporation, IRC, or “the safety card people”. I felt at 50+ years old (the company, not me yet!), we’ve finally outgrown our nicknames and it was time to rebrand for the next 50 years! The journey to land on new branding that speaks to the energized vision and excitement we have for the future was not an easy one. Someday I will write a blog about all the names we didn’t choose, just for your entertainment! What became clear to me was how much we’ve changed, and yet stayed the same. In five decades, we’ve innovated, expanded, diversified, developed, and are really proud of who we’ve become. At our core is a group passionate about interacting with you through Critical Information DesignTM, for your passengers and teams. After months of back and forth about an official name change, I was surprised that what felt right was to honor our rich history and return to our roots as the way forward. We are excited to announce that Interaction Research Group has become THE INTERACTION GROUP; a team committed to interacting with the people who care for people.

There are so many more exciting things to share about new things happening and our vision for the next 50 years. Please follow us on LinkedIn to catch all of the details.

Trisha Ferguson, President
The Interaction Group